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Above: planting the constructed wetland filter for greywater at Soline Natural Park (photo taken in March 2011)

SANBOX prototype results from Soline, Slovenia

October 20, 2011
Greywater treatment results from the SANBOX Mediterranean prototype at Natural park Soline, Sečovlje, Slovenia have proven that it is possible to reach substantial removal rates under the extremely challenging conditions that are related to a Mediterranean climate. Blackwater liquid phase reached zero water emission, while compost could be used as fertilizer on agricultural areas.

Theory meets real life

One benefit of source separation (a main principle behind the SANBOX project) is that nutrients in the wastewater are not sent out to sea or mixed into fresh water suppplies - but rather recycled and reused. The below pictures show the theory of the SANBOX prototype principle (left) and the results achieved through actual operation of the unit (right).

The SANBOX prototype schematics.
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Wastewater samples at various stages of treatment.
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Document downloads

Download reports and other files related to the Soline SANBOX prototype here:
- Soline Prototype System Overview (PDF 270Kb)
- Soline Prototype Layman Overview Report with results (PDF 280Kb)
- Poster displayed at the Soline sanitary building in Soline (PDF 1,2Mb 2011