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Technology Transfer Centre (TTZ) - a Sanbox participant 


Founded in 1987 as non-profit organisation, Technology Transfer Centre (TTZ) Bremerhaven has experienced a process of continuous development and expansion: Today, we operate as an international team with some 100 experts from a variety of disciplines (food technology and biotechnology, environmental and process engineering, landscape planning etc.) at four locations in Bremerhaven in Northern Germany.


The institute for "water, energy and landscape management“  is concentrated on applied research for small-medium sized enterprises (SME). In the fields renewable energies, water and wastewater treatment, sustainable landscape and resource management we develop market ready products and concepts. We also consult and train (capacity building) our partners from ministries, national associations and SMEs. Thus we coordinated and took part in more than 250 national and international projects, mainly co-financed by the European Commission, national ministries or direct contracts from business customers during the last 5 years. © 2011