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A range of businesses and research institutions across Europe are involved in the SANBOX project.
All of them are listed further down the page.

SANBOX participants map


Acronym: JETS
Type: SME
Size/Staff: 70
Country: Norway
Website: JETS

Sia Norplast

Acronym: NORP
Type: SME
Size/Staff: 50
Country: Latvia
Website: SIA

Seecon International GMBH

Acronym: SEECON
Type: SME
Size/Staff: 5
Country: Switzerland

Full address:
Bahnhofstrasse 2
6110 Wolhusen

Gebr. Gysi AG

Acronym: GYSI
Type: SME
Size/Staff: 170
Country: Switzerland

Bioazul S.L.

Acronym: BIOAZUL
Type: SME
Size/Staff: 5
Country: Spain
Website: BIOAZUL

Universitetet for miljų- og biovitenskap

Acronym: UMB
Type: RTDP
Size/Staff: 870
Country: Norway
Website: UMB

Technologie Transfer Zentrum Bremerhaven e.V.

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Acronym: TTZ
Type: RTDP
Size/Staff: 106
Country: Germany
Website: TTZ

University of Ljubljana

Acronym: UL
Type: RTDP
Size/Staff: 750
Country: Slowenia
Website: UL

Tartu Ülikool

Acronym: UT
Type: RTDP
Size/Staff: 800
Country: Estonia
Website: UT

Schweizerischer Alpenclub

Acronym: SAC
Type: Other
Size/Staff: 30
Country: Switzerland
Website: SAC

SOLINE Pridelava soli d.o.o.

Acronym: SOLINE
Type: Other
Size/Staff: 48
Country: Slovenia
Website: SOLINE © 2011