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SANBOX - The Idea

SANBOX refers to a novel source separating sanitation approach for remote tourist facilities in Europe. The SANBOX system aims to reach high treatment performance, recycle water and nutrients and use solar power as energy source. The vision is to come close to a self sustaining zero effluent treatment system.


The development of SANBOX system takes place in a research project supported by the 7th framework of the European Union. Six small and medium enterprises and four research institutes from six European countries are involved. The project started in April 2009. The plan is to establish and test prototypes in three different climatic regions starting in the summer and autumn of 2010.

Through the links below you can learn more about the visions, partners, technology and prototypes related to the SANBOX project.

SANBOX for warm and dry locations

Mediterranean region:
Secovlje Salina Nature Park, Piran, Slowenia

SANBOX for high altitude alpine locations

Mountain lodges, ski areas in the Alps:
Britannia Mountain Lodge, Saas Fee, Switzerland

SANBOX for Arctic locations

Weekend houses, tourist lodges in Scandinavia:
Kaja Student Dormitories, Ås, Norway © 2011